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With an Individual Membership you will have directly impacted One Woman in this world.  Your membership will include a One Woman Rafiki Bracelet that will be mailed to you.  Be sure to visit TrackYourImpact and type in the code on the back of your Rafiki to read the story of a woman you have helped.

Please accept our gift of gratitude.  We hope that each time you wear it you are reminded of how amazing you are and that it makes you reflect on the incredible gifts you have been given to share with others.

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Both memberships also include the ability to submit One Woman Blog posts, to share your personal story to be featured, or submit stories of women you know doing amazing work in their communities or around the world.  You may also submit project ideas, travel on upcoming One Woman Empowerment Trips and be the first to know about new projects, initiatives and opportunities. 


Each Rafiki bracelet (Rafiki is Swahili for Friend) is handmade with love by a woman in Kenya, empowering her to earn a living and create a better future for her family and her community. Every Rafiki also gives back, by purchasing a One Woman Membership you are giving sustainable financial tools to empower another woman in this world.

A portion of each membership will also be used to support our projects and partnerships helping women around the world. If you would like to make an additional donation to any one of our current initiatives you can add it to your membership at checkout, or contribute at any time throughout the year on this site. Be sure to visit us often as new projects and project updates will be posted frequently.

The perfect gift!  Not sure what to get that special friend, sister, mother, teacher, mentor or incredible woman in your life?  One Woman memberships make an excellent gift for any occasion.