Inspirational Women

Gwenda Smith

My yearning to look after people began when I was 8 and realised when I was 16. I wanted to know more about how the human body ticked so to speak, so I sought to be a operating theatre scrub nurse. WOW, wasn’t that an amazing time! One day we had a lady come for removal of an abdominal tumour and in the 70’s this was not common, unlike now.

We only opened to her special protective covering of the organs and the surgeon said “Suture up” this meant we were to close her but we had not done anything. I looked to the surgeon, he said “You can see the same as me. This lady has 14 days to live” I was shocked that he nominated 14 days… my mind was reeling… why 14 days why not 21…40!?

I was to join the surgeon while he delivered the news to her. He told her she was to go home and come back on the 8th day (another timeline) because she would be very sick by then, he went on to tell her she had 14 days to live. There was no skirting around or softly softly, simply “you have 14 days to live”.

I was on the ward on the 8th day I admitted her into the ward, she was very sick just a he said. I also laid her out on the 14th day.

Perhaps in her honour, perhaps it was my shock at what took place… I don’t know. But what I do know is I went on a crusade to know, to learn, to find all that I could about our way of living and living the way we want to rather than someone else telling us when we will die!

For over 3 decades I have mentored and guided people from around the world into taking charge of their life, living a happy life and most of all taking charge of what is perceived as illness, disease, pain and injury. Teaching and guiding to being their own healer of all things that life brings to them.

I have seen how people create pain and illness, to bring that knowing forward to them in a way which provides them with the tools to release it and understand it is simply amazing and so very uplifting to my heart and soul. For those who are courageous fearless it is the most liberating, empowering path they will experience in their lives.

I believe everyone deserves to live a glorious life! And with that I provide the opportunity to living a H.armonious E.nlightned A.ligned L.ife that is H.E.A.L

This world has so many wonders to enjoy, life is all you want it to be when you take charge.

Gwenda Smith