Inspirational Women

Stacey Nye

Naples, Florida 15 years ago.

Ecstatic, I raced from the powder room. About to make the announcement of a lifetime, I threw open the patio door, prepared to shout the news to our friends.

Instead, my thoughts became screams. In horror, the home pregnancy test fell from my hand. Adrenaline surged through me as I raced outside to assist.

The love of my life had been attacked, stabbed by a drunken neighbour. I worked feverishly to keep him alive and was able to tell him my news. I believe that kept him fighting for his life.

That random act of violence brought terror to my life.

Miraculously, my husband survived. During that time of uncertainty, I made a promise to him and to our unborn child that I would never show how scared I was, that I would never crack from the fear and trauma of that moment.

Pacts, promises, and vows become part of us. Absorbed into our unconscious mind, they can shape our life while we believe we are making wise decisions.

I set aside my global career on Olympic planning teams and the organizing of world wide political events such as the G20 conferences. I poured my heart and soul into being a Mom.

But life was never the same. We were not the same. My husband had no recollection of that horrible night and yet, I was reminded of it daily. Fear became my constant companion.

Seven years later, our marriage ended. I became a single Mom, devoted to raising my son, keeping my vow to never show weakness, at all costs.

The toll was enormous. I was angry, sad, anxious and so much more. I experienced relentless anxiety and fear about anything and everything.

The search for peace and wholeness consumed me, but I had little success. I pursued every new age theory, ceremony or gadget. In desperation, with nowhere else to turn, I begged and prayed for help.

45 days later, help appeared in the form of a healer, Daniel, who could remove negative emotions and fears. As incredible as this sounds, it is true. For fifteen years, he had been doing this very successfully.

A wise friend invited to a healing session at her home. After that session, the emotion of ‘sad’ was gone. Sad did not come back and has never run my life since.

My life’s purpose was defined by that brief session. I vowed to discover how Daniel had created “this” and how “this” could be shared with the world.

Over the next seven years, I healed. I healed because of this technique.

Daniel patiently answered hundreds of questions, did countless sessions with me as part of this process. I saw that innocent vow for what it had become-an unbearable burden, preventing me from being emotionally responsive to life. It had wrapped itself around every nerve and cell in my body, paralyzing me. Now it was gone, along with many others and I had learned enough about emotions to fill a book.

The time came for me to put this research into practice and teach it to the world. Friends asked what was had changed me. Could they try it?

If they were willing, this worked and I could help. I was privileged to witness their transformation.

They reported that their anger was gone. Their marriage was healing and divorce was not happening. They were not paranoid about losing their job, feeling guilty or paralyzed by depression and fears.

Social anxieties that kept them small-disappeared. They began to live as they longed to. Happiness crept back into their lives.

By then, I was working with friends of friends-with the same results.

Next, I worked with their children-many of them teens, desperately seeking attention by using drugs or harming themselves, afraid not to fit in. Once the parents understood the power of this technique, families changed.

I knew that anyone could learn this. We successfully taught a group of 25. Our youngest trainee, age 14, used this with friends at school. The past two years have been devoted to creating an on-line training.

The FIX Code Technique is a unique self-help tool. It is not talk therapy or traditional therapy. It has helped thousands. It helps in the moment.

You can learn to do this for yourself, on yourself, family, friends, anywhere, with success every time. It is quick, easy and elegant, somewhat like visualization.

Look for the Good. It is everywhere.

Stacey Nye