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Join us for an upcoming event to create meaningful friendships, be supported in your goals and dreams, and to grow together personally and professionally!

Upcoming Events

June 2019 – One Woman Loves Moms!

Perhaps the most amazing thing about being a woman is motherhood, and we want to celebrate all you amazing moms!  Join us for our beautiful Mothers Day tea where today you get to just relax and enjoy!  Along with a delicious lunch, you will hear the stories of inspiring moms and how they balance their own self care, busy households and rock their career or business!

  • Saturday, June 1st, 2019
  • Noon – 3pm
  • The Creative Studio | 280 Park Ave
  • Registration Price $49 ($39 for Members) tax included
  • Light Lunch Provided by Bliss Cafe

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June – Girl Get Yo’ Money Straight with Teresa Carthron

  • Saturday, June 8th
  • 9am – 4:30pm
  • Victoria Inn – Kensington Room
  • $39 ($29 members) – 1 Hour Lunch Break (Lunch Not Included)
Are you ready to create a peaceful financial environment for not only for yourself, but for your family?  Would you love to increase your ability to manage your finances, get out of debt, and exit the workplace feeling secure in your retirement? Girl Get Yo’ Money Straight is a course that will teach every woman how to stabilize their finances, save money for dreams and emergencies, and prepare for their future!
Each student will learn how to:
  • Master financial goal setting
  • Build a budget
  • Discover and save disposable Income
  • Reduce and manage Debt
  • Understand and manage Credit
  • Teach and encourage their family about money management
  • Tips for effectively caring for an aging loved one
  • How to pay off all debt including car notes, student loans and mortgages
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June – Girl, Watch Your Mouth! with Teresa Carthron

  • Sunday, June 9th
  • 9am-4:30pm
  • $39 ($29 members) – 1 Hour Lunch Break (Lunch Not Included)
  • Victoria Inn – Kensington Room
Are you a woman looking to loose the fatigue, improve confidence in your health status and empower yourself to live your best life? Watch Your Mouth is not just an old cliché term that firm parents used to say to their children.  It is a modern mantra that is now embraced by the highly successful in order to live their hustle with excellence, and it works! The easy- to-understand science behind this course proves that elite conditioning to the best of your ability is attainable. It’s a results driven course that is as challenging as it is fun.
This is REAL TALK about our health as women. The focus is on not only what we put into our mouths, but what we say out of our mouths is equally important. The way we speak to others, as well as how we speak to ourselves impacts our health. Each participant will develop enhanced physical as well as emotional skills to both maintain and improve their health.
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July – Woman Up!  The Journey of Owning Your Power and Unleashing Your True Self!  With Kathy Hood

  • Saturday July 6th
  • 2pm-5pm
  • $29 members and $39 non members.
  • Victoria Inn – Kensington Room

It’s time to Woman Up, discover your true identity, become a better version of yourself, unleash your gifts, and impact the world as you embrace and become a Bold and Fearless YOU!

In this workshop, you will embark on a journey of life-changing discovery.  You will be introduced to your authentic self, your “motivational gifts,” and your inborn gifts given to you at birth.  Discovering and understanding your gifts will enrich every relationship – family, marriage, children, your career or business and your body, mind and spirit.  This workshop will change your life!

This training will help you discover:

·         Why you think and act the way you do

·         How gifts improve your relationships

·         What career, business or ministry best suits you

·         How operating in your gifts brings you joy

·         How to embrace your authentic self

·         How not to be so easily offended and misunderstood

·         True leadership abilities

No more second guessing whether you have a gift or not – EVERYONE has a gift.  No more struggling with the burning desires on the inside of you.  No more living your life trying to be like someone else or by the way someone else has told you to.

You will begin to dream again, envision your future, and accomplish your goals that have been set.

Get ready to release the fear of becoming who you were created to be!

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July – The Inner Journey to Discovering You! With Stephanie Franklin

  • Sunday, July 7th
  • 9am – 4:30pm – 1 Hour Lunch Break (Lunch Not Included)
  • Victoria Inn – Kensington room
  • $29 members and $39 non members
It’s time ladies.  Conquer your fears. Welcome change. Embrace your power.  Walk your purpose.  Unleash your feminine genius unapologetically! Give yourself permission to break the chains that bind your heart and mind and free yourself to dream and live another reality.  Align your work with your purpose.  Breathe in new opportunities. Make that global impact.  Birth your purpose. Be the difference.
Join me in the “Inner Journey to Discovering You!” workshop where you will –
1.   Learn exactly who you are without filters, judgments, or expectations;
2.   Be empowered by your life experiences and learn how to utilize them to tap your feminine genius;
3.   Develop your Divine purpose statement and have community to affirm and support you; and
4.  Reset your life to live your truth aligned with your purpose and destiny.
No more chains. No more lies. You owe it to yourself.  Be fearless. Be you.
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