Fearless Women's Summit | New York City, NY

One Woman Fearless unites women around the world who are letting go of fear to create the life of their dreams. 

Join our event in New York on Saturday, October 17th, 2020 to discover your path during an incredible day of inspiring speakers and meaningful connections.

LOCATION: Crowne Plaza Times Square Manhattan | 1605 Broadway, New York, NY 

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Jewelry by Dianne Rose

Samantha Kris

Cultivating Curiosity: Embracing Change at Work and In Life

International Success Coach - Samantha Kris

Rachel Braun Scherl


Co-Founder & Managing Partner - Spark Solutions For Growth

Svetlana Chernienko

Mental Health & Body Positive Advocate

Founder - Svetlana Chernienko

Janice Burt

The Woman Under the Fear

Spanish Interpreter, Voiceover Artist, Yoga Instructor & Inspirational Speaker - Spanish Janice

Kimberly Schehrer

Teens Today Leaders Tomorrow TM

CEO of Academy for Independence & Teen Breakthrough Expert - Academy for Independence

Rochel Marie Lawson

Be Audacious: Conquer Your Fears

Registered Nurse, Holistic Wellness Expert, Business Owner - BLISSFUL LIVING 4U

Jean Turner

Your Health Is Your Success

RN, Certified Health Coach - Spirit of a Warrior

Robin Joy Meyers

Fear Is Your Super Power: So Don’t Be Afraid To Use It

TEDxSpeaker, FEAR Strategist, Author, Molecular Geneticist -

Dr. Catrise Austin

The Power of a Smile

Cosmetic Dentist To The Stars - VIP Smiles

Chavonne Wilkinson Davis

Mental Wellness is...EVERYTHING

Mental Health Advocate - The Rebel Girl

Elaine Montilla

The Value of Mentoring Women in Tech

Assistant Vice President and CIO for Information Technology - 5 x Minority

Nathalie McKee

The Power of Vision - 3 Keys to Mastering Your Results

Life Mastery Consultant - Transformational Lifecoach

Melissa Shipman

Raising Dreams

Certified Life Purpose Coach - NextLevel Life, LLC

Louise Wilson

Fearlessly Sharing Your Vision & Purpose With the World

Business Coach - Louise Wilson

This Event is in Support of WE!

Kisaruni Secondary School for Girls

WE believes that investing in the education of girls is key to breaking the cycle of poverty. Yet girls lack the opportunity to go beyond primary education because of domestic obligations, family finances, early marriage and inadequate access to secondary schools. While primary education in Kenya is free, secondary education remains incredibly costly and largely out of reach for young people in the communities that WE works with.

Studies suggest that when girls are educated at the secondary level, there is a positive, long-term impact, not only for the girl, but for her family and the community. In order to educate and empower girls graduating from primary school, WE opened Kisaruni Secondary School in 2011, which now has two campuses: Milimani and Oleleshwa.

Kisaruni is a place where the self-esteem of girls flourishes and they become empowered to lead with confidence. Kisaruni encourages students to build on their skills, work towards their goals and be active participants in their education. While the school follows Kenya’s national curriculum, WE also offers students unique lessons that promote a strong sense of community leadership and teach the girls new skills while maintaining their strong sense of culture.

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Fearless Women’s Summit | New York City, NY

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Saturday, October 17th, 2020 | Time: 9am-5pm

LOCATION:   Crowne Plaza Times Square Manhattan | 1605 Broadway, New York, NY 

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