Girl, Watch Your Mouth!

  • Sunday, June 9th
  • 9am-4:30pm
  • $39 ($29 members) – 1 Hour Lunch Break (Lunch Not Included)
  • Victoria Inn – Kensington Room
Are you a woman looking to loose the fatigue, improve confidence in your health status and empower yourself to live your best life?
Watch Your Mouth is not just an old cliché term that firm parents used to say to their children.  It is a modern mantra that is now embraced by the highly successful in order to live their hustle with excellence, and it works!
The easy- to-understand science behind this course proves that elite conditioning to the best of your ability is attainable. It’s a results driven course that is as challenging as it is fun.
This is REAL TALK about our health as women. The focus is on not only what we put into our mouths, but what we say out of our mouths is equally important. The way we speak to others, as well as how we speak to ourselves impacts our health.
Each participant will develop enhanced physical as well as emotional skills to both maintain and improve their health.


Girl, Watch Your Mouth!

$29.00$39.00 CAD

Sunday, June 9th| 9am – 4:30pm

1 Hour Lunch Break (Lunch Not Included)

LOCATION: Kensington Room | Victoria Inn

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