How to Create, Market and Sell 5-Figure Coaching Programs
With Integrity and Ease with Lira Kay

Are you an expert with a huge heart, following your calling, changing peoples lives? Stand with me for creating autonomy, mastery and purpose in your life! You deserve financial freedom while doing your brilliant work in the world.
Whether you are a speaker, an author, a coach, and have a purpose to heal and inspire people, show them how to overcome their circumstances and help them succeed, you too, need to be taken care of. As well as your family and your children. 
We women have to make a stand and claim our financial independence. We need to charge our worth to be able to sustain our generous giving. We need to learn how to run a successful business that makes a positive impact day after day. How much more you could do, how many more lives you could transform if you knew how to get paid for your value and contribution? 
This workshop will teach you exactly how you can sell your brilliance. There’s more to it than just ‘packaging’ or marketing your skills, or using sales scripts that make you feel icky. What you will learn that true value comes from a careful and deep concern for your audience, for your clients and customers. You will learn how to serve from your highest capacity, how to market without gimmicks, and how to sell with integrity.
Join us for the most creative, productive and profitable 3 hours you’d spend on your consulting, coaching or healing business, to challenge yourself and stretch your vision. You will create your own authentic radical transformational 5-figure program you will be proud to offer and sell. 


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How to Create, Market and Sell 5-Figure Coaching Programs | Thunder Bay

$49.00$59.00 CAD

Saturday, May 4th | 9am – noon

LOCATION: Kensington Room | Victoria Inn

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