How to Identify Your Gifts and Talents in the Face of Adversity

Have you ever worked for a mean or controlling boss? Have you continually been overlooked for opportunities regardless of your talents and gifts?  These circumstances leave us feeling small and asking the question, “Why Me?”. Together, we will explore and discover the answers as we move past the shame, hurt, and rejection and into a life of assured awesomeness.

Bullies come in all ages, stages, and sources of life.  Bullies act like they do because our talents and skills scare them.  It is their defense mechanism, deflecting attention from their own flaws and shortcomings. As women we are more likely to experience interpersonal adversity for just being ourselves.  More than 65% of corporate bullying happens to women (Workplace Bullying Institute)!

During our time together we will explore the five characteristics of bullies, actionable strategies that work against their attempts, and develop our personal empowerment statements that will transform our current road of success. Leave with a clear road map, complete with milestone markers, that celebrate the YOU that you were meant to be.

Come ready to face adversity and leave equipped to unleash hidden gifts and talents within!


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How to Identify Your Gifts and Talents in the Face of Adversity| Thunder Bay

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Saturday, May 4th | 1:30pm – 4pm

LOCATION: Kensington Room | Victoria Inn

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