Fearless Women's Online Summit!

Join us online on Saturday, June 6th to discover your path with an incredible day of inspiring speakers and meaningful connections.

TIME: 10am – 3pm, EST

LOCATION: Online (the webinar link and password to sign-in will be emailed to participants)

Dr. Princess Fumi Hancock, PsychDNP

ONE EVENT Can Change Your Life Forever

Board Certified Psychiatric Dr. of Nurse Practice, Trauma Care -Media Expert, Publisher & Filmmaker - Dr. Princess Fumi Hancock

Melissa Lyons

Think Your Way To Your Best Life

Best-Selling Author, Life Coach, Inspiring Speaker - Melissa Lyons

Tina Toner

Scared Shiftless

Fitness Business Owner - Tina Toner

Erika Botha

Finally Fearless

Fearless Women's Coach - Erika Botha

Jean Turner

Self-Care Is Success

RN, Certified Health Coach, Minister, Iraqi War Veteran, Author, Inspiration Speaker, Blog Contributor -

Grace Harris

Become The Woman of Your Dreams: 5 Secret Weapons to create Life Abundance NOW!

Transformation Strategist - Grace Harris

Amy Schmidt

Fearlessly Facing Fifty (And Beyond)

CEO; AKS & Association, Founder of Brand Fearlessly Facing Fifty - Amy Schmidt

Bridget Sicsko

A Time of Self-Initiation

Visionary Leader, Spiritual Coach + Women's Circle Host - Bridget Sicsko

Jasmine Romaine

Creating Your STAND OUT BRAND with Confidence

Transformation Strategist/ Motivational Speaker/ Author - Jasmine Romaine

Special Performance by Neema Children's Choir

Neema Children’s Choir first visited Canada in 2013.  They have performed at schools, churches, markets, music festivals, community events, service clubs, private events and summer camps. The choir members are orphaned and destitute children aged 8 to 18 who are being raised by Pastor Francis Daniel Mutibwa and his wife Winifred Tumu Mutibwa of Kingdom Child Project, a registered local Non-Governmental Organization in Uganda. They represent hundreds of thousands of children in Uganda and millions more in the rest of Africa who have been orphaned due to the effects of AIDS, civil wars and under-developed social systems. Their messages are heartfelt and heartbreaking but also inspirational and motivational. Their energetic and impactful presentations have been well received by thousands of Canadians and now you get to enjoy them too!

This Event is in Support of WE

Kisaruni Secondary School for Girls

WE believes that investing in the education of girls is key to breaking the cycle of poverty. Yet girls lack the opportunity to go beyond primary education because of domestic obligations, family finances, early marriage and inadequate access to secondary schools. While primary education in Kenya is free, secondary education remains incredibly costly and largely out of reach for young people in the communities that WE works with.

Studies suggest that when girls are educated at the secondary level, there is a positive, long-term impact, not only for the girl, but for her family and the community. In order to educate and empower girls graduating from primary school, WE opened Kisaruni Secondary School in 2011, which now has two campuses: Milimani and Oleleshwa.

Kisaruni is a place where the self-esteem of girls flourishes and they become empowered to lead with confidence. Kisaruni encourages students to build on their skills, work towards their goals and be active participants in their education. While the school follows Kenya’s national curriculum, WE also offers students unique lessons that promote a strong sense of community leadership and teach the girls new skills while maintaining their strong sense of culture.

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One Woman Fearless World Summit! June 6th

Registration is by donation; these proceeds will support our women’s empowerment and girls education programs.  We will also support our partner charities to be able to purchase food, water and hygiene supplies for the women and girls we serve in developing countries during COVID 19. 

As Maya Angelou said, “I come as one, but I stand as 10,000.” 

Suggested donation is $10, but if you are not able to pay that amount, you can change the amount to zero and still join us.  We want every woman to feel loved and inspired during this challenging time.  If you are able to help more, you can also change the amount to any donation you would like to give.

Thank you for joining with us to create a better future for all women and girls!

Registrations are non-refundable

Saturday, June 6th | Time: 10am – 3pm EST | Location: Online 

This Summit will be hosted online. You will receive the webinar link and password to sign in by email once you have registered.

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