This Woman Means Business! – Edmonton

At One Woman, we believe in providing opportunities to help women in business reach their greatest potential in the world of entrepreneurship, leadership and professional skills development.
This Woman Means Business! is a women’s business empowerment event that brings women together for the greater good of all women in this world. It is a platform for women to come to connect with other like minded professionals, share their successes and challenges, and to learn and be inspired by female business professionals sharing their expertise in their respective fields.
Join us for an educational and inspiring day of taking that first step to starting your dream business, or taking that next giant leap in building your business to massive success!

Do you help women build their business to massive heights.  Are you an expert in the area of websites, social media advertising, scaling your business, valuing your products and services, networking, social enterprise, accessing financing or other business skills and knowledge that women need to not only achieve massive success but to create the biggest impact with their business?  If this is YOU be sure to apply to speak at our This Woman Means Business event!

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Featured Speakers

Orobosa Owie

Level Up on Purpose- Positioning Yourself for CEO Success

CEO - Orobosa Owie

Michelle Andrishak

Mastering Your Mindset For Success

Founder & CEO of WOW! International Women In Business & Leadership Inc. - WOW! Biz Tribe

Rusti Lehay

Taking Aspiring Writers to Authors in 0-60 days

Speaker, Author, Empathic Editor - Rusti Lehay

Pat Mussieux

"You're Killing Your Business Because You're Killing Yourself! - 5 Steps to Turn That Around Today!"

Founder and CEO of Steps2Happiness, Inc - Pat Mussieux

Karen McGregor

Master and Monetize Your Message

Owner/CEO of Speaker Success Formula - Speaker Success Formula

Melissa Mackey

Is Happiness Your End Goal?

Melissa the Motivator Mackey - Travel Chicks

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Network and grow your business at a This Woman Means Business Event! If you have a product or services that you would like to showcase, we would love to hear from you!


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This Woman Means Business Edmonton

$37.74$377.36 USD

DATE: Saturday, November 2nd, 2019

LOCATION: Lister Conference Centre, Maple Leaf Room, University of Alberta 


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