Fear Less and Love More

Have you ever been overwhelmed by emotions that have kept you stuck or taken over your life? Are you ready to step off the emotional roller coaster and release the emotional baggage that keeps you from living your greatest life? Let’s unearth your emotional power!

In this workshop, you’ll learn the natural and balanced way to feel and fulfill your emotional needs. Discover how your feelings and their place within the metaphorical emotional seasons will guide you to honour and benefit from ALL of your emotions – including guilt, sorrow, fear, anger, courage, love and joy. Through the example of fear, you’ll learn how to allow your feelings, learn their hidden messages, adapt your habitual responses and enjoy the rewards of living with more courage and more love, more often.

Regardless of your present emotional landscape, you’ll want to adopt these essential self-care practices. Join us for your chance to experience . . . less overwhelm, more energy; less stress, more ease; less conflict, more connection, less self-doubt, more self-worth; and less fear, more love – and life!

What's Included?

5 Workshops Videos that will help you:

1) Stress Less – ​Understand why we struggle with our “negative” feelings (such as fear, guilt and anger), and how this creates overwhelm, self-doubt, stress and resistance. Identify how most of us awkwardly handle our feelings – and learn the natural and balanced way to feel and fulfill our emotional needs instead!

2) Connect More – ​Begin with centring yourself in your life by knowing who you truly are and what you really want. Align with yourself, your desires and your resources to set yourself up for success.

3) Fear Less – ​Learn how to fully feel ALL your feelings, following the metaphorical seasons, by working through your own specific examples of fear and love throughout this workshop. Listen to the often hidden general and specific messages that your feelings have to share, including how to improve your habitual responses to life’s challenges.

4) Love More – ​Leap into courage through inspired action to follow the newly discovered guidance of your feelings. Prepare to persevere through the unpredictable adventure of life toward celebrating and sustaining your wins.

5) Live More -​ Put it all together to be able to manage multiple feelings at once and to manage your feelings through the many emotional “seasons” of your life. Reflect on your greatest insights and next action steps to move forward with less fear, more love – and more life!


About Your Teacher

Nicole Moorey

Through her international coaching business of 3 years, she helps women enhance their emotional wellness, unearth their greatest passions and embrace their potential for more. Her unique blend of personal empowerment support with nature wellness practices enables natural, simple, connected results for her clients. Her favourite way to serve is through her “walk and talk coaching”, helping clients get outside their comfort zones while getting outside.

Nicole has hosted over 50 wellness interviews with peers worldwide, written for Simply Woman online magazine, facilitated numerous workshops and retreats and was honoured to be a speaker for One Woman’s Fearless Women’s Summit. In her prior career as a Volunteer Coordinator, she mobilized thousands of volunteers and realized her strengths for encouraging everyone’s unique insights and gifts.

When not coaching, she enjoys social and outdoor adventures with her husband and two children in majestic Northwestern Ontario. Learn more about her work at www.nicolemoorey.com.

Nicole Moorey