One Woman is the collective power of women working together toward the greater good of all.  Our goal is to support, encourage and empower women to be all that they dream to be.  With a One Woman Membership, your monthly contribution changes the lives of women and girls around the world by helping them break the cycle of poverty for themselves, their families and their communities by empowering them to have access to education, start their own business, or to learn the skills to gain meaningful employment.

Along with empowering women and girls around the world each month, a One Woman Membership benefits each member with opportunities to network and connect with thousands of other powerful female leaders to live their dreams while changing the world.

We know that One Woman Can Make a Difference, but Together We Can ROCK THE WORLD!


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Benefits of Membership

  • Empowering at least One Woman through your donation to start a business, gain employment skills or have access to education to help break the cycle of poverty for herself, her family and her community through our partner charities.
  • Member pricing to events
  • Opportunities to speak at One Woman events
  • Membership listing on our directory connecting you with other members around the world
  • Monthly updates through our newsletter as to the impact your membership is having on women around the world
  • Trip opportunities to visit the women and girls you are empowering in countries around the world.
  • Complimentary Rafiki Bracelet as our gift to you for supporting women around the world.

*Memberships renew monthly to continually support our women and girls empowerment projects and partner charities, and are non refundable.  If for any reason you wish to discontinue your membership you can login to your account and cancel at any time.  

Our Gift to You!

As a thank you for your support and generosity we will mail you a One Woman Rafiki bracelet (Rafiki is Swahili for Friend) made by Mamas in Kenya.  Be sure to visit and type in the code on the back of your Rafiki to read the story of a woman you have empowered


*Rafiki bracelets are mailed with your 4th membership payment.  As our monthly membership is minimal, this ensures that your support is used to empower a girl get enrolled in school. a woman to start a business, or a women to develop the skills to break the cycle of poverty for herself, her family and for her community!