About Us

One Woman is a global social enterprise on a mission to help women and girls around the globe live their dreams and reach their full potential through education and entrepreneurship. We believe that all women are born with incredible gifts to share with the world and make each of our communities a better place. Our goal is to provide the tools, educational opportunities, support and encouragement to empower women to become all that they can be.  When women around the world are united we will make a difference, one woman at a time.

Empower a Woman

When women and girls earn an income, they reinvest
90% of that income back into their families


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With an Individual Membership you will have directly impacted One Woman in this world.

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Our gift to you

Each Rafiki bracelet (Rafiki is Swahili for Friend) is handmade with love by a woman in Kenya, empowering her to earn a living and create a better future for her family and her community. Every Rafiki also gives back, by purchasing a One Woman Membership you are giving sustainable financial tools to empower another woman in this world.  

Current Projects

"Because of One Woman, Barbra’s dream of becoming a teacher will come true! "
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"In May 2013, 60 goats were distributed to women as a source of alternative income."
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"Empower marginalized women through skills education"
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One Woman Can Make a Difference

The impact of school on a woman’s earning power is linked directly to higher economic growth. In developing countries, each additional year of schooling is associated with a 10% to 20% increase in women’s wages.