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Did you know that over 60% of our One Woman members are business owners? But as per statistics on North American women in business, women who start businesses make approximately 58% less than their male counterparts. We want to help change that. Though our events provide a platform for women to share their fearless stories and showcase their businesses through table displays, we want to help women build, promote and grow their businesses, globally.

We have developed a One Woman Business Promotion Package, that will not only help you reach over 400,000 women around the world with your products and services, but will also connect you with thousands of other women in business to do business together, support and encourage each other, and share skills and resources to build, grow and scale your businesses to massive success!

Our Build Your Business with One Woman Promotion Package not only grows your business, but when you invest in building your business you also empower a woman in a developing country to start and build a successful business to break the cycle of poverty for herself, and her family.

We are changing the world together, One Woman at a time!

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