Our Empowerment Projects

Proud Supporter of Internships

Esther, Rwanda

Esther is an amazing 22 year old woman.  She has been a sponsored child through Seven Wells since she was 4 years old.  Currently attending University for Travel and Tourism, she was struggling with full-time school and finding work to support herself, along with her mother and niece who are both HIV positive.

Become a One Woman Angel Investor

Whether it’s covering the tuition for a girls University tuition, or helping a woman start the business of her dreams; our Angel Investors are women who use their financial blessings and philanthropic heart to change the future for women and girls around the world.

Proud Supporter of Neema Child Project


Neema wants to do its part to ensure that thousands of girls not only have the basic necessities needed for survival but also the chance to flourish and grow through education.

Proud Supporter of Post-Secondary Education


We first sponsored Deana as a student through our partner charity, Bali Wise.  Although she was learning the skills to work in the hospitality industry, we soon discovered her desire to continue her studies in Business Management.

Proud Supporter of Female Entrepreneurship


Mama Sabrina is a single mother of 3 beautiful children.  After her 2nd child was hospitalized for 3 years due to a heart condition, she needed to close her business.

Proud Supporter of Post-Secondary Education


 Helin’s dream was to become a Psychologist, but with her parents earning about $60 per month for their entire family, university tuition was out of reach.

Proud Supporter of Runjun

Age 7 - India

Meet Runjun, a young girl from the North Indian State of West Bengal.  Runjun attends grade 1 and her favourite subject is Environmental Studies. She loves to draw and is working hard in her classes to achieve her goals.

Proud Supporter of Agriculture

Mama Pascasie - Rwanda

Uwimana Pascasie is a single mother of 8 children.  We heard about her story when visiting her daughter Emelence, one of the girls we sponsor.  When Mama Pascasie shared her daily struggles of never having enough food for her family, we knew there had to be a business to help her become self sufficient!

Proud Supporter of Barbra Nazziwa

Age 14 - Uganda

One Woman has helped transform Barbra’s future by providing for educational and healthcare needs.  Because of One Woman, Barbra’s dream of becoming a nurse will come true!

Proud Supporter of I AM Heshima


Hi, my name is Dolphine Adipo, from Kenya. I am a student at the Kenya Institute of Development Studies, where I am studying sign language.

Proud Supporter of Sewing Skills Training


Seven Wells trains women in sewing and tailoring skills. The schools have graduated close to 300 woman since their start in 2005. Many of the graduates are now self-sufficient and can afford the basic necessities of life.

Proud Supporter of Emelence Uwitonze

Age 10 - Rwanda

Emelence is in Grade 3, her favourite subject is math.  She dreams of becoming a doctor one day!


Proud Supporter of Hospitality Skills Training


Bali Wise empowers marginalized women through skills education as a means to develop sustainable communities in Indonesia

Proud Supporter of Kisaruni Girls School


WE believes that investing in the education of girls is key to breaking the cycle of poverty.