One Woman Fearless unites women around the world who are letting go of fear to create the life of their dreams. 

One of the ways we fund our empowerment projects and partner charities is through our One Woman FEARLESS Summits; these events bring amazing women together in cities around the world for the greater good of all women.  Each event creates a platform for every woman to shine, to stand in her truth, to share her own fearless story, and to use her gifts, passion and purpose to make a difference.

Join our event in a city near you to discover your path during an incredible day of inspiring speakers and meaningful connections.

Upcoming Events

Online Summits

World Summit | Saturday, May 22nd, 2021> Learn More 
World Summit | Sunday, July 18th, 2021> Learn More 

Canadian Tour

Toronto, ON | August 14th, 2021 > Learn More
Mississauga, ON | August 15th 2021 > Learn More
Niagara Falls, ON | August 21st, 2021 > Learn More
Kingston, ON | August 26th, 2021  > Learn More
Ottawa, ON | August 28th, 2021 > Learn More
Montreal, QC | August 29th, 2021 > Learn More
Halifax, NS | September 11th, 2021 > Learn More
Vancouver, BC | September 18th, 2021 > Learn More
Victoria, BC | September 19th, 2021  > Learn More
Calgary, AB | October 2nd, 2021 > Learn More
Edmonton, AB |October 16th, 2021  > Learn More

American Tour

San  Francisco, CA | July 10th, 2021 > Learn More 
San  Jose, CA | July 11th, 2021 > Learn More 
New York City, NY | July 17th, 2021 > Learn More 
Boston, MA | July 24, 2021 > Learn More 
Seattle, WA | August 7th, 2021 > Learn More 
Portland, OR | August 8th, 2021 > Learn More 
Washington, DC | September 25th, 2021 > Learn More 
New Jersey | October 9th, 2021 > Learn More 
Philadelphia, PA | October 10th, 2021> Learn More 
Los Angeles, CA | October 23rd, 2021 > Learn More 
San Diego, CA | October 24th, 2021 > Learn More 
Chicago, Ill | October 30th, 2021 > Learn More 


If you are interested in becoming a speaker, sponsor, or volunteer for any of our events, please apply below.