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Ruthy Adorno

“We can be the mirror, where other women can see their power”

Our scars are our life diploma. My name is Ruthy Adorno and I am a Speaker, Coach and Professor. I grew up in a small, beautiful town in Puerto Rico surrounded by family and friends from my childhood. I decided to take on a challenge, and move to United States accepting a job offer.

I felt confident, powerful and happy. What could go wrong? I was the shark in the ocean; I felt confidence about my experience and expertise. I planned┬áto teach in Spanish (my language) and was excited for my salary to increase. Was this a dream? Everything was perfect (well, that was my thought). The first 3 months after my move, I lost weight, my brain couldn’t handle speaking another language rather than Spanish without a headache, my health was decreasing and my marriage was going down the hill. Ok… it was not that perfect dream anymore.

For months (I can say years), I put myself in a victim position. I wanted to find something else to take responsibility for my pain. I wanted to find the person who lied and showed me the perfect life, that now was an illusion. I was struggling with the language, getting a divorce, having a heart ablation, financial problems… What else?

One day, I realize it was me and I started to fighting with myself. No one noticed, but I used to hate myself for the decisions I made. I felt guilty, unworthy and afraid.

I started to seek help in books, workshops, events. That’s why I love One Woman; empowering women is transforming the world. When I realize everything works for me and not against me, my whole life changed. I began look at the situations as opportunities to grow, and now I wake up every day with joy and gratefulness. People can scream and fight but those external situations don’t have to affect me. I am in control of my feelings, I am in charge of my life. I am the one who will decide if I fight one more time, or give up.

When you make the decision to show your scars, feel proud, feel enough, the universe will open doors for you, and other women can see hope in you. Showing our scars is the best way to show other women that they can overcome too. Showing my pain, my insecurities, my divorce, my financial situations and how I overcame these struggles, is a way to tell others: “I know how you feel, you are not alone, I’m here for you and you will overcome”.

Spread Your Shine LLC specializes in gives hope, inspiring and empower women from all over the world. Our struggles are a way to prove we reach that goal and our scars are the way we prove we fight and we always win.

I send you a big hug and many blessings, you will overcome.

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