How to Create Social Media Ads (that people will actually click on)

Thursday, November 18th at 3pm EST

Are you frustrated with your social media ads?  Are you investing in ads and boosting posts, but no one is clicking or commenting on them.  Do you wonder if anyone is even seeing them?  Have you tried to run ads and had them rejected?  Or perhaps you’ve even had your ad account banned and you had no idea how to get out of Facebook Jail???
Social Media advertising can be tricky, but we have cracked the code for you!
During this webinar we will teach you how to design ads that will catch your target clients attention.  Along with design, you will learn the importance of your copy and message to motivate them to want to click and learn more.
Social media continues to get more and more restrictive to ensure advertisers are not running ads that scam people.  We will teach you all our secrets to keep your social media accounts in good standing to ensure your ads runs smoothly and they get you the results you desire.

What's Included:

– The importance of ad design
– The basics of using Canva
– Working with a Graphic Designer
– Tips for brilliant copy and messaging
– Keeping your social media accounts in good standing


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About Your Teacher


Natasha Totino

Natasha has over 10 years in the field of growth hacking. Her roots in social and political activism taught her to hone the powers of algorithms in order to reach the world – without a marketing budget.

From #Flushgate to working alongside the Honourable Paul Hellyer, her work has been highlighted all over the world and noted in such media as The New York Times, BBC, RT, The Guardian, Reuters and read before the Parliament of Canada. She was the subject of a multi-discipline university study in Montreal for her implication in the famous flush heard around the world.

Her work made MACLEAN’s Newsmakers of the Year 2015: The year in #hashtags.

Her journey led her to I am Heshima, where she is now artistic director. Her company, TL;DR Consultation, which aims to disrupt the marketing industry by showing her techniques and her knowledge of « The Internet of Things » to start-ups so they too, can harness the power of algorithms.

Sharla Brown

Sharla Brown is a Canadian social entrepreneur, philanthropist and humanitarian who has been passionate about entrepreneurship, leadership and social issues her entire life. In the last 10 years Sharla has received 13 business and social impact awards, including the international WEF Iconic Women in Social Enterprise Award in 2016, the 2019 Ruby Award from Soroptimist International of Central Alberta, a nomination for the Ontario Premier’s Award in 2017, and most recently a nomination for philanthropy by the Toronto Waterfront Women’s Awards.

For more than 20 years, through her entrepreneurial endeavours, Sharla has supported numerous community organizations. As the president of her event management company Keynote Events, she has created and executed more than 200 events and contributed more than 1.5 million dollars to various community and international charities in the last 7 years.

Sharla mentors, teaches and inspires other women to embrace their leadership potential and entrepreneurial spirit. She empowers those around her to use their gifts to create a purpose-driven life doing what they love because she believes that each person’s gifts are like pebbles they can toss into the water, creating ripples that positively impact the world around them.

In 2015, Sharla travelled to Ecuador, and a world-changing ripple effect began through her creation of One Woman and One Girl. These global social enterprises are on a mission to help women and girls around the globe live their dreams and reach their full potential through education, skills development and entrepreneurship.

Sharla has created over 100 One Woman Fearless events in the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. Her vision has ignited a ripple that has turned into an international wave of empowerment for thousands of women and girls around the globe.