How To Get Onto a TEDx Stage with TEDx Producer and Curator, Dr. Nathalie Lilavois

Thursday, January 27th at 3pm EST

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Have you always dreamed of stepping onto a TEDx Stage and reaching millions of people with your powerful message and ideas?

Have you applied to speak on a TEDx Stage and have not been successful?

Are you overwhelmed by the process, and how to get your application just right so that your talk will be chosen?

No need to stress, as we have found an amazing TEDx Producer and Curator who can help you with the dos and don’ts of successfully stepping onto a TEDx Stage.  From applying to your standing ovation and wowing the audience with your ideas worth sharing, Nathalie will give you the secrets to TEDx success!

What You Will Learn:

-Where to find TEDx Events to apply for

-How to complete your application

-Application dos and don’ts to stand out from the rest

-Differences between live and virtual TEDx events

-Tips for wowing your audience from the stage, and going viral with views

FREE for One Woman Empowered Members!

About Your Teacher

Dr. Nathalie Lilavois

Dr. Lilavois is the CEO/Founder of Zahara Crown, Inc., a premiere educational consulting company that provides support, curriculum, and guidance through workshops, presentations, and webinars. Its mission is to empower families of color with the educational and financial information, resources, and tools they need to build a strong legacy for their future.
Dr. Lilavois has been an educator for thirty-four years as a teacher, principal, and district administrator. She is an author, speaker, coach, wedding officiant, and the curator/executive producer of TEDxDeerPark. Dr. Lilavois is an active member of organizations that reflect her passion and commitment to women, people of color, and youth