How to Reach your Goals Fearlessly!

Does FEAR run your life?

 In this FREE workshop, you will learn how to STOP letting fear run your life.

You will become FEARLESS and reach your goals!

Erika will give you the EXACT blueprint to reach any goal you have.

PLUS… Learn how to navigate your day without fear, make decisions without worry or regret, feel confident in your life and have direction instantly.

WARNING: This workshop can and will change your life, and it’s FREE!

As soon as you set a big goal, like making a certain amount of money, reaching a certain weight, or getting a promotion, your brain will automatically flood you with reasons why that will not work. It will immediately present you with all of the obstacles to achieving that goal. Most of the time, these fear thoughts result in us avoiding anything that looks like work or a challenge to overcome.

We will talk about the thoughts that prevent you from getting from where you are right now to where you want to be, where these thoughts come from, and how to become aware of them. Join me as I show you how to set goals properly and lay out a process for managing your insidious fear thoughts, so they don’t stop you in your tracks and cause you to produce undesired results in your life.

Where will you be next year at this time if you can be FEARLESS!

This workshop is for you if:
  • You are stressed and worried
  • If you don’t currently reach your goals
  • If you want to make a change, but don’t know where to start
  • If you are afraid to take the first step

What's Included:

  • Tools to reach your goals
  • Confidence to feel unstoppable
  • Techniques to feel less worried and stressed
  • Knowledge of how to manage your fear
  • Understanding where fear is coming from and how your brain works
  • A Blueprint on how to get rid of fear in your mind so that you can reach your goals


About Your Teacher

Erika Botha

Erika Botha is a Fearless women’s coach and author of “You+Me=Us.”

Erika had done couples counselling since 2004. She had presented seminars and workshops to assist couples in building strong relationships. Her passion had grown to assist women in being fearless, and she had made a shift in her career. Today she focuses on helping women to be unstoppable without fear.

Erika holds two undergraduate degrees in Accounting and Psychology. She is a certified life coach and has a diploma in journalism. These qualifications and her experience in senior managerial roles in big corporate companies (PWC and 3M) have provided her with a strong foundation in understanding how to navigate and overcome fear both personally and professionally.

She is no stranger to the world of media, starting as a radio and tv host.  Erika had immigrated from South-Africa to Canada in 2013.

Erika is also a wife to Philip for 25 years and a mother of three daughters. When she is not coaching and guiding others, she can be found next to the tennis and volley courts cheering on the girls.

Erika Botha