Inner Journey to Discovering You

It’s time ladies.  Conquer your fears. Welcome change. Embrace your power.  Walk your purpose.  Unleash your feminine genius unapologetically! Give yourself permission to break the chains that bind your heart and mind and free yourself to dream and live another reality.  Align your work with your purpose.  Breathe in new opportunities. Make that global impact.  Birth your purpose. Be the difference.
No more chains. No more lies. You owe it to yourself.  Be fearless. Be you.


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This 10 part video series will guide you through your journey.
Join Stephanie in the “Inner Journey to Discovering You!” workshop where you will:
1.   Learn exactly who you are without filters, judgments, or expectations;
2.   Be empowered by your life experiences and learn how to utilize them to tap your feminine genius;
3.   Develop your Divine purpose statement and have community to affirm and support you; and
4.  Reset your life to live your truth aligned with your purpose and destiny.


About Your Teacher

Stephanie Franklin

Stephanie S. Franklin, Esq. is a leader, teacher, healer, and humanitarian.  Rooted in her experience as a descendant of captive Africans enslaved in the U.S. (DCAUS), her commitment to marginalized peoples globally is unwavering.  Her belief that “self-knowledge is the key to unlocking your highest human potential” drives her to uplift, advocate, and empower marginalized communities globally despite the negative narratives that permeate the global dialogue.
As an attorney for 20+ years, Stephanie has received awards for her leadership in the law and advocated before the United Nations on intersecting issues of race, children, women, and human rights.
As a CEO of over 12 years, Stephanie has founded two companies (Powerhouse Master Coaching Inc. and the Franklin Law Group, P.C.) that have had global impact.  She utilizes business as a vehicle to create global social change.
As an international speaker, author (“Mindset of an Entrepreneur – 7 Strategies to Shift Your Mindset from Employee to Business Owner”) and coach, she uses her voice and experiences as a catalyst to shake women to unearth their purpose and empowers them to make a difference in the world.
As a teacher, healer, priest and priestess of the IFÁ path of the Yoruba peoples of Nigeria, she utilizes the ancient, indigenous teachings of IFÁ, and other ancient wisdom practices, to extract truth and purpose from the soul and spirit of suffering peoples.
Stephanie Franklin