Make Money Speaking

Do you want to be a Speaker and Make Money but struggle with:

  • Being comfortable even calling yourself a speaker?
  • Clarifying your message?
  • Making the jump from free speaker to paid speaker?
  • Presenting an offer to an audience without feeling pushy or salesy?
  • Knowing which personal story to share in your talk?

It feels amazing to go out and share your passion with the world. But, unless you move your audience into the transformational action that will help them overcome the challenges they face, it is all for nought.

Make Money Speaking is a program that helps you help others AND build your business.

During the Make Money speaking Program you will:

  • Do a deep-dive and uncover THE story to share with your audience that comes from your heart and your soul that connects with and compels your audience into action.
  • Create your irresistible call-to-action or offer.
  • Put together and structure your transition to offer so you feel great and authentic.
  • Discover how to sell every time you do a talk – even if it’s a free offer or a high priced product or service.
  • Learn how to deliver a talk that is fun, engaging, interesting and has the audience eating out of the palm of your hand.
  • Learn how to get booked speaking:what you need to do, have and say so that an event planner says “yes” to you!
  • *SPECIAL BONUS* – Receive Odette’s “Million Dollar Speaking Gig Rolodex” the very list she uses to get all her gigs!

What's Included?

  • 7 online training modules on how to create and structure your signature talk and offer.
  • Strategies to tell your Soul Story in a fun, engaging and interesting talk that has the audience eating out of the palm of your hand.
  • Stage-ready training tips on for delivery of your talk so you always look polished and  experienced.
  • Step-by-step “Get Speaking Gigs” guide on what you need to do, have, and say so that an event planner says “yes” to you!
  • Over two dozen comprehensive workbooks, templates and exercises to achieve maximum success in the world of speaking.
  • Coaching on how to make a profitable offer from stage without feeling “salesy” or awkward.
  • A supportive alumni community – A Facebook forum to meet, interact and get 1:1 feedback from me, my team and fellow program alumni.
  • *SPECIAL BONUS: Receive Odette’s “Million Dollar Speaking Gig Rolodex” an extensive list of speaking opportunities to apply to including podcasts, events, conferences, associations, etc.
  • *SPECIAL BONUS:  Bi-Weekly Huddle Hour: 1:1 lifetime access of coaching from me on a group call.
  • *SPECIAL BONUS:  1 Private 1:1 Quick Start call with me.


About Your Teacher

Odette Peek

Hi! I am Odette Peek, a professional speaker, business coach, and TEDx alumni, and have used the power of speaking to grow my business to six figures in a year. But, it isn’t just about telling a great story. It is also about building your business by sharing your brilliance! Make Money Speaking is unique because it doesn’t just guide you through the creation of your talk, it also teaches you how to motivate your audience into action by making an offer from the stage that feels natural and confident rather than awkward and swarmy. For those of you who are looking to get paid to speak, it also guides you through the process of paid speaking including where to apply for gigs. This is an online program so you can learn from the comfort of your own home at your own pace. There are action sheets and bonuses for each module that make it easy for you to complete the lesson and move on to the next step. In addition to the video recording, there are examples to guide you as well as a Facebook forum to meet, interact, and get 1:1 feedback from my team, fellow program alumni, and myself. We have done everything we can to set you up for success!

Odette Peek