Making Your Inspired Dreams Work For And With You!

Derived from the self-developed and patented “Inspiration Model,” this webinar will focus on the three tiers of this framework: imagination, exertion, and realization:
1) How your dream (imagination) can become a reality through dedication, visualization and patience.
2) Be willing to work (exertion) at it, and – if need be – taking the necessary actions to get closer to that dream.
3) Staying in tune with that “small still voice” encouraging and empowering you to continue in this manifestation (realization).


What's Included:

  • Introduction of the Inspiration Model and the three tiers
  • Imagination: Establishing a vision plan
  • Exertion: Detail the required steps to achieve and magnify the dream and then do it!
  • Realization: Taking inspired action to manifest your dreams

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About Your Teacher

Marleen Redhead

A firm believer that you have the authority to declare and live out your destiny, Marleen Redhead is living proof that it’s time to use your God-given gifts and talent to get what you’ve always dreamed about.  With an almost 11-year career in the federal public service, Marleen left her position before acquiring another one in order to pursue her dream of becoming a lawyer.  Armed with an executive MBA, and having the proper mindset and tenacity to respond to the call of action has brought Marleen at this moment in time: she is an upcoming entrepreneur, building a wig and haircare empire targeted to black women; a future best-selling author who will most likely open a help center for domestic abuse victims based on her philanthropic endeavours of giving to vulnerable groups and having experience of being the Chair of a non-profit organization.  Marleen has developed an inspiration model framework to assist everyone with shifting their mindset while venturing into the realm of imagination, exertion and realization. The framework will help to place priority of what needs to be done primarily, and it will demonstrate to all that it is time to get your dreams realized! Time is of the essence, the time for manifestation is NOW, and the sky’s the limit!!!