Navigating the Clubhouse App with Sharon Shannon

In 2020, you might have heard your favorite influencers talking about a mysterious new social media app called Clubhouse.

But, unless you had a huge online following of your own, you might just be getting access to the app now.

Until a few months ago, Clubhouse was a platform where big-name celebrities, company leaders, Silicon Valley investors, and some of the web’s top global influencers could have uncensored audio group chats about their lives, hobbies, work, or industries.

Now, as the invite-only Clubhouse continues to gain media coverage and a growing pool of non-celebrity users, you might be wondering, “What the heck is it? And, how do I get in on the action?”

The Clubhouse App is a relaxed atmosphere of audio chat only. It’s an app that has many rooms that are happening 24/7 with different conversations occurring continuously. This webinar will focus on how to move around the app to get you more comfortable while using the app.

What's Included:

  • What Clubhouse is
  • Who Clubhouse is for
  • Tour of Clubhouse
  • How you can meet people
  • What “roles” a user can have
  • Clubhouse rules
  • Clubhouse etiquette
  • How to invite people
  • How to start and join rooms
  • How to start clubs
  • Who to follow and why
  • How to create effective bio’s
  • How to moderate rooms
  • More “tips” and “hacks”

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About Your Teacher

Sharon Shannon

Sharon, the Faith Coach, Speaker, CEO/Founder of In Sharon’s Heart, helps emerging and aspiring faith-based/Christian women entrepreneurs use their God-given gift to serve, speak on virtual and live stages, and build online businesses so they can walk in faith and freedom. Sharon focuses on online business coaching, consultation, and mentoring for women who are ready to take their business to another level by learning the tools that will make them successful. She helps women with their voice, faith, confidence, and grind (consistency in working smart). My Faith Model enables women to use their gift(s) to build their empire. With faith, you can start the process of doing the abundant things God has for you to do (James 2:17). Yes you, because God has blessed you to do some amazing things. Are you doing them yet? It’s never too late to live God’s vision for your business and for your life.

Sharon Shannon