One Woman Fearless September World Summit Recording

Watch the recording from our 2020 Fearless World Summit from September.

Hear from the following speakers:

  • Sharla Brown
  • Lexis Beattie
  • Lynn McLaughlin
  • Dr. Sonja Stribling
  • Darleen Wong
  • Rhonda Mincey
  • Dr. Lisa Lewis Ellis
  • Gina Cloud
  • Peggy Hoeegh Grays
  • LaShawne Holland
  • Dr. Catrise Austin
  • Rosalind Keith
  • Karen Dean
  • Regina Hall
  • Marlo Higgins
  • Sharon Shannon
  • Yolanda Wilson Smith
  • Latanya Dubois
  • Monica Linson
  • Hayley Hobson
  • Carleen Lamay


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About Your Teacher

We believe that all women are born with incredible gifts to share with the world and to make each of our communities a better place. Our Fearless Speakers took to the online stage to share their stories with the world. An amazing and inspiring day was had by all those who tuned in. When women around the world are united we will make a difference, one woman at a time.