Recognize, Release & Refocus: A Self-Care Journey to Managing Unhealthy Stress

Success is hard work! Working day in and day out to create the life that we dream of and trying to be everything to everybody is stressful! There is a certain level of stress that accompanies success. Unfortunately, too much stress or the wrong kind can harm our health. Anything that affects our health, affects our success. This webinar will help you to take charge of your health and become a stronger, more resilient, and healthier YOU!

What's Included:

Join Jean for her ““Recognize, Release & Refocus: A Self-Care Journey to Managing Unhealthy Stress” Recorded Webinar where she will help you develop:

1. A greater understanding of how unhealthy stress impedes your success.

2. An arsenal of stress reducing tips that you can apply daily.

3. A healthy, holistic self-care plan for reducing and/or managing unhealthy stress.


About Your Teacher

Jean Turner

Helping others achieve and maintain optimum wellness is the mission of Jean Turner, RN. Her knowledge and profound proficiency have laid the foundation for her to be the accomplished and highly sought-after author, speaker, certified health coach, and wellness expert that she is today. With a 25-year Army career (that includes service in the Iraqi War and providing nursing support to the people of New Orleans post Hurricane Katrina), Jean has taken a warrior’s approach at inspiring others to be good stewards of their health. As such, she provides life-changing resources and services through media, published materials and workshops for all ages. Her weekly segment “Health Chat with Coach Jean” airs every Tuesday at 10:00 p.m. as part of the “Nspirational Treasure Radio Show” on Positive Power XX! Radio via Spotify and She is a licensed minister and is a founding leader of her church’s Health and Wellness Ministry. Additionally, she is a Blog Contributor for “BlackDawnJournal” Weblog, and she is a Partner in Health with Proactive Rehabilitation and Wellness Center, McDonough where she contributes bi-weekly blogs for their patient newsletters.


Jean’s commitment to the well-being of others is reflected in fitfoxy50&BEYOND℠, her signature wellness and lifestyle management program that is geared to the specific health changes and challenges that naturally come with turning “The Big 5-0!” In 2018, the support she offers others hit close to home as she experienced a “suddenly” moment that changed her life. This “suddenly” moment further fortified her primary focus on self-care for optimum wellness for those living with chronic illness, disease (particularly those undergoing chemotherapy treatments), and how the practice of self-care greatly impacts health outcomes and one’s personal success. Jean is the author of Spirit of a Warrior: Jean’s Self-Care Journey Through Chemotherapy (which comes with a journal) and the journals, 7 Steps to Healthier Habits, Recognize, Release, Refocus and The Detox Advantage. Her newest works, A Time to Testify: The Remix and His Story, and Her Story, God’s Glory will be released in Spring 2020. She also looks forward to releasing her docuseries.


Jean is a loving wife, mother and grandmother. In her spare time, the former marathon runner enjoys reading and traveling. To learn more about Jean, visit her online at

Jean Turner