Woman Up with Kathy Hood

It’s time to Woman Up, discover your true identity, become a better version of yourself, unleash your gifts, and impact the world as you embrace and become a Bold and Fearless YOU! In this workshop, you will embark on a journey of life-changing discovery.  You will be introduced to your authentic self, your “motivational gifts,” and your inborn gifts given to you at birth.  Discovering and understanding your gifts will enrich every relationship – family, marriage, children, your career or business and your body, mind and spirit.  This workshop will change your life!

This training will help you discover:

  • Why you think and act the way you do
  • How gifts improve your relationships
  • What career, business or ministry best suits you
  • How operating in your gifts brings you joy
  • How to embrace your authentic self
  • How not to be so easily offended and misunderstood
  • True leadership abilities

No more second guessing whether you have a gift or not – EVERYONE has a gift.  No more struggling with the burning desires on the inside of you.  No more living your life trying to be like someone else or by the way someone else has told you to. You will begin to dream again, envision your future, and accomplish your goals that have been set. Get ready to release the fear of becoming who you were created to be!

What's Included?

  • 6 Workshop Videos of Discovering Your Gifts (super-powers)
  • A Downloadable Gift Assessment
  • Access to a Monthly “Unleashing Your Power” Live Q & A Session
  • Access to a private Facebook Group and exclusive coaching on the “Problem Areas” of the Gifts
  • After discovering your gifts, a complimentary 30-minute Design U & Dare U coaching session to discuss drafting you and creating your vision/blueprint for your future (launch a new business, write a book, new career, etc.), and entrance into the Dream Tank to present your vision/blueprint
  • Design and Dare U sessions include personal, accountability coaching, clarifying vision & mission work sessions, goal & timeline setting, personal assistance on preparing you to present your vision to the Dream Tank and more
  • Special discounts to Design U and Dare U Coaching Programs to Complete Your Journey


About Your Teacher

Kathy Hood

Kathy Hood is the founder and CEO of Marvelous Light Empowerment Association (MLEA), a non-profit organization dedicated to changing the lives of families and individuals by providing the tools and resources necessary to grow and develop physically, mentally, spiritually and financially through a myriad of services, forums, training and workshops. Kathy has established a number of outstanding programs. Among them is Woman University, which was created to provide services, educational opportunities and resources to equip women to become community leaders and business owners through a creative, supportive global network. Kathy has been honored and awarded several awards for her excellent community service & leadership and featured in several well-known local publications. She is devoted and committed to empowering and developing women, business owners and leaders in her community and throughout the country. Kathy is married and the proud mother of an adult daughter and son, two grandsons and one granddaughter.

Kathy Hood