Inspirational Women

Ana Weber

I was born in Romania under Communism regime. Throughout my childhood I experienced tremendous life challenges and circumstances. I was shy, insecure and totally sheltered from the world. In actuality I never felt like a child. I felt the burdens of life landing on my shoulders, feeling fearful to speak up or express my emotions. I felt anxious and distant.

At the age of 10 my Mother and I immigrated to the Middle East to find liberty and opportunities. You can imagine how challenging this move was. A new place, a new language and lots of changes, transitioning from a city life filled with culture but poor to a life that we were unfamiliar with. We had to adjust to a new style of living and due to circumstances I joined a farm/school where only poor children and orphans were accepted. I shared a room with 3 other girls and a bathroom down the hall with 12 other girls. I can still recall the fear and sadness I encountered while working on my very first assignment. I was asked by my supervisor that I had to meet the daily quota; collecting 150 chicken eggs in 3 hours. My story is heartwarming and inspirational. The first few days, I collected only 30-eggs. Out of fear, intimidation and the sad newness, missing the life I was accustomed to and especially the presence of Mom I failed meeting the expected quota. But after a few days of disappointments I decided to get over my fears and meet the assignment. I had no idea how this transformation will take place and out of sheer fear on the 5th day I entered the chicken cage areas and proceeded to sing a familiar aria touching on my past; LA DONNA MOBILE from the Opera, Rigoletto. To my surprise my singing brought on a huge shift. The chickens calmed down and walked back regally to their cages. With the awareness of a 10 year old girl, I was able to meet the quota and go over and beyond.

And life began to taste sweet as Mom and I encountered a few miracles and transformed our life from rags to riches.

Moving fast forward, at the age of 23, my family and I immigrated again to start a new life in the U.S.A. and live our dream and goals. I pursued a business degree and a powerful career in finance. I filled top executive positions such as CFO, CEO, VP of sales for medium to large organizations. I began to believe in myself, the awesome purpose I felt passionate about, (people) and empower people to be at their best, be unstoppable and in the course of her life I was instrumental in creating business success for many organizations and raise the human mind with personal development and leadership courage.

The message I shared with hundreds of people globally and never to give up! NEVER to give in just practice the “giving more” and create extra ordinary results and success.
Going through major life experiences I marched against all odds and became a world renowned success, authoring 17 books, 1 workbook and 1 complete course. I speak, lecture and conduct workshops globally. I engage audiences and create a warm and close relationship with attendees, corporate executives, entrepreneurs and students. With authentic and genuine life stories, making the impossible to possible I empower people to walk away with golden nuggets they can tailor to fit their needs and inspire others by their accomplished successful results impacted by the wisdom of choice.

Moving fast forward I am delighted to continue my path and influence the world to live a full happy and meaningful life and most importantly delete fear and replace it with success and freedom.

Ana Weber