Inspirational Women

Carla Hampshire

As women, a healthy, happy and fulfilling life is something we all strive for. But it can often be challenged by busy schedules, taking care of everyone else, but most often, from lack of courage.

When I was 36, I walked into a gym for the very first time. It was to purchase a gym membership for my husband as a Christmas gift. I was offered a tour of the gym. I watched mesmerized as people lifted heavy weights and walked around with a sense of purpose. Wow, what is this place? In that instant, I had such CLARITY about what I wanted more of in life. This busy Mom of 6 kids wanted to lift weights – heavy weights! I wanted to be a Bodybuilder! Who knew? That day would forever change the course of my life.
I started attending the gym and was encouraged by my trainer to read everything there was to read on bodybuilding and nutrition. I learned and grew in strength, but I lacked the courage to become a competitive bodybuilder, which I so dearly wanted. I was building my muscles in the gym, except for the one I needed the most – my courage muscle.

After 10 long years, my passion for the sport had finally become stronger than my fear. At age 46, I jumped into the sport of competitive bodybuilding. I would never have thought that shy little ol’ me would be standing in front of a panel of judges, in a tiny 2-piece ‘posing suit’, 12 short weeks later. I had finally stepped into my COURAGE.

My COMMITMENT to the sport kept me going. The following year I took 1st place and was awarded professional status. I continued competing internationally and at age 51, I brought home a 1st place honour as a professional bodybuilder – something many people only dream of.

Getting over fear is key to growing, having new experiences, and moving forward in life. My bodybuilding career gave me the CONFIDENCE and the desire to share my passion for health and fitness with other women. It also gave me the courage to go back to school – to keep learning. I wanted to have the education to add to my life experience and finally bring my book to life – HEALTHY BODY FOR LIFE – A Guide for Women Over 40.

Through my book and my speaking at women’s events, I share my message of the 4 C’s to living a healthy, happy, fulfilling life…CLARITY, COURAGE, COMMITMENT, and CONFIDENCE – something that took me 10 years to learn!

“You are never too young to learn, never too old to change.”

Carla Hampshire