Inspirational Women

Cathy Boretski

Shortly after my 50th birthday, my marriage failed, my job closed down, I became an empty nester and I felt truly lost. After doing some soul searching, and my career Pro/Con list, I thought I’d finally figured out what was my passion for the second half of my life… to own a retreat.

A friend planned the most perfect adventure then left early and I was “forced” to continue alone, driving nearly 25000 km, doing things on my Bucket List that most people only dream about. This solo trip around North America had me attending retreats, working at them, volunteering at them and WWOOFing, Couchsurfing, and staying at hostels and so many alternative accommodations. The more I did, the greater the repertoire of stories I experienced and the more I could see how my adventures could inspire others to step out of their comfort zones and say yes, it’s terrifying but I’m going to be courageous.

After driving four months, I went deep into the jungles of Costa Rica to work at a retreat for another two months in the rainy season and fought all my worst fears; spiders, the dark, the undertow of the ocean, loneliness and the biggest one of all… believing I just couldn’t do it. I learned so much about myself. I was challenged daily with experiences of body image, ageism, and doubts.

Now, when I hear stories of people traveling to exotic places doing scary stuff, the first words out of my mouth are almost always, “I could never…” and then I have to remind myself that “I’ve already done all that and more”. Now I dedicate my days to empowering other mature woman staying at Spoiled Rotten, my Bed and Breakfast, to realize their potential through my stories, maps, photos, books and struggles. I also host workshops and retreats so I am truly living the dream and I still force myself regularly to do things that make me uncomfortable. Of course I get nervous but in my soul, I know I AM FEARLESS!

Cathy Boretski