Inspirational Women

Phoebe Leona

My personal story is of vulnerability, honesty, and resiliency.

Raised primarily by my father, a Vietnam veteran who at the time was a drug addict suffering from PTSD, I was a loving and loyal daughter with a simple desire to dance through life with ease and grace. Most of my childhood, I straddled multiple worlds to find my place: my outer world striving to achieve and be accepted, my dysfunctional home life that was of abuse and abandonment, and my inner emotional landscape where I danced to make some sense of it all.

I finally stepped away and left my dad when I was 15 years old to claim a life for myself. Drugged out, homeless, arrested, and dead, were all my nightmares for him. Unfortunately, they all came true but luckily, there was a happy ending for us both. After 18 years, he was rehabilitated and we had our happy reunion for four years. In 2013, my dad died peacefully in his sleep. It was the call to my own healing journey which has been a heart-breaking and heart-mending love story these last 9 years. I am grateful for every moment that has brought me closer to my core being and purpose to serve our world. I share more about my own emotional recovery story on my upcoming book, Dear Radiant One…learn more here: