Inspirational Women

Shakeeta Torres

I am a survivor of Childhood Abuse and Sexual Abuse. I grew up in poverty as the oldest of four with mother who was a single parent. My life is nothing short of a miracle and over the past 15 years I have done the work to heal emotionally and mentally. I have moved from Pain to Purpose by allowing God to heal me and embracing my healing journey through therapy and self-awareness so that I can live a life of freedom and purpose.

I believe we all have purpose but the storms of life that causes trauma, grief, pain, rejection, and self-doubt can make us feel powerless, fearful, and not enough to make an impact on those around us. I am an advocate for Healing on Purpose so that you can walk Boldly in your God Given Purpose. Today I stand confident in who I am, and I walk in Leadership and Reverence unto the Lord in everything that I do. I know that if I can make it then anyone can. To listen to more of my story visit