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Line Roy

Based in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Line Roy didn’t grow up in an entrepreneurial household. But while in high school, she developed a passion for sewing that she kept up as a hobby. She learned pattern cutting and even made a few garments for herself, but it wasn’t anything that she’d thought about turning into a business.

As an adult, she put her hobby on hold to pursue a busy career as a school administrator and to raise her growing family. Then about two years ago, Line began to feel like something was missing from her life.  She was still working as a school secretary, but the kids were grown and her husband had recently passed.

Line decided to pick back up the craft she once loved. She purchased a new sewing machine and started honing her skills once more.

But the cost of buying new fabric quickly started adding up. This prompted Line to start experimenting with used clothing. She reconstructed some of her own older clothing, then started getting reused clothing from the Salvation Army. This new method of sewing reused clothing became a lot of fun for Line. Once friends and family found out, they not only provided support — they also provided even more old clothing for her to work with. Working with all the various new materials that she was being provided brought a whole new joy to sewing.

As the story goes — one thing led to another and Line decided to quit her job and start her own business. She started Revived and Recycled by L. Roy where she continues to sew one-of-a-kind recycled and reused clothing.

The skill of re-constructing old clothes and giving them a second life has turned Line’s hobby into a welcomed service for the women in the community. The latest trends and fashionable styles are so expensive — especially for women who are underemployed or who would rather not spend a fortune on expensive clothes. Line keeps her prices very reasonable so that everyone can afford a new top or dress made out of recycled clothing.

She loves knowing that her small, passion-turned-business venture is helping women right in Thunder Bay. Through Revived and Recycled by L. Roy, Line can also support local causes by donating a few of her creations each month to various charities, fill-a-purse events and other fundraising initiatives.

“I really like supporting things that help other women.” Line says.

In addition to attending craft shows and local events around town — Line is also resourceful and savvy online. Line created her own website for the business, is active on social media and even set up her shop on Etsy. But even though you’ll catch photos of her latest wears on her Facebook business page, it’s really being out and about in the community that Line enjoys the most.

Recently, Line decided to purchase a One Woman membership. She loved the initiative and liked the idea of helping to support other women in turning their passions into a business. After reading a bit more about it on Facebook, Line purchased her membership.

“I liked the idea of women helping women. It’s super important. We gotta stand up for each other.” Line believes there’s enough goodness in the world and it’s important for humanity to support humanity.

Line also believes that it’s important for women to try and pursue their passions.

“When you feel like you can’t breathe and you feel like your passion is taking over your life, I think it’s time to look into avenues that you can pursue.”

Life is so short and it’s hard to imagine having to wait until retirement to do something you love. Of course, always keeping finances and the responsibilities of life in mind, Line encourages us to jump in and follow our passions.

Check out Revived and Recycled by L.Roy’s Facebook Page


Entrepreneur/Owner – Revived and Recycled by Line Roy