Brand Your Business: How your Brand Image and using the Right Words can make you Big Money!

Tuesday, June 29th at 3pm EST
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If you met your brand in an elevator, what would it say?

Does it get to the point and add value in the 9-second window you have to engage and impress?

Do the words you use to sell your brand help others understand what your business does best and how it is unique?

OR – do you freeze-up like a deer-in-headlights just thinking about words and writing and are not sure where to go from there?

In this webinar, you’ll learn why it’s so important to use the right words to engage and impress your audience right from the get-go. Better still, you’ll discover why communicating your brand image in an authentic and purposeful way is rewarding to both your customer and your bottom line. Words make money when they are the right ones. Which is why you’ll also learn proven tips on how to get the cursor moving – or how to hire the best writer who is happy to do it for you!


Brand Your Business

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Thursday, August 26th | 3pm EST


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