Carla Hampshire

Carla speaks to women, inspiring them to overcome personal challenges and achieve success.

Drawing on a life of rich experience, including becoming an international champion bodybuilder at age 51, raising six children (now grandmother of seven), returning to university and completing her bachelor’s degree at age 45 (Athabasca University, Alberta), teaching secondary school French and English in the third world (1987-1994, Vanuatu), achieving multiple certifications including holistic nutritional consultant, personal training specialist, and health and wellness coach, and writing and publishing her popular book, Healthy Body for Life – A Guide for Women over 40.

Carla uses her life experience to guide her audience through a change in self-perception that bolsters their courage and confidence.

More than an entertaining storyteller, Carla shares key elements that reveal the pathway to success.


Step into Courage

How do you move from fear to courage? Often in life, we are paralyzed by fear, self-doubt, and limiting beliefs. These are barriers that hold us back from living a fuller, more purpose-filled life.

In this insightful presentation, Carla shares personal stories of her own experience with fear which held her back from her dream of becoming a bodybuilder. She takes you on a journey of self-discovery, empowering you to realize what is truly possible for you when you break free from fear and step into your courage.

You will be entertained, inspired, but most of all you will gain greater clarity for your own way forward and the confidence to make it happen.

From Dream to Action to Success

What does it take to turn dreams into reality? Many of us go through life wishing and hoping but never acting on those things we know we ought to do in order to move forward and experience success. We keep our dreams locked in our hearts.

In this thought-provoking presentation, Carla shares her personal life experience that kept her from her dream for ten long years. She provides valuable insight into how to propel our lives forward through decisive action and experience the success we are all capable of.

Her positive energy will uplift you and help motivate you to set a plan in motion that will melt away your obstacles and strengthen your resolve to reach for your dreams and realize your true purpose.

From Dream to Action to Success Workshop

This workshop will drive you to turn your dreams into reality. You will learn how to set goals and create a plan of action to accomplish them.

We will work at:

  • getting clear on your goal and why it is important to you,
  • looking at what resources you may need in order to accomplish it,
  • how to overcome obstacles on your way to achieving your goal, and;
  • setting out a plan to help you be successful.
Carla Hampshire
Carla's presentation resonates with a person's deeply held desire to realize their untapped potential, whatever that may be. Her personal journey will inspire you.
Becky L. Stoddard , Women’s Relief Society
It is a very informative and insightful session. But most of all...motivating. Carla really put things into perspective and helped me believe.
Liliana S, Calgary, Canada
I love your positive energy, your enthusiasm and the exhilarating way you share all your experiences.
Mary Anne W. , Calgary Board of Education