Charlene Doak-Gebauer

Charlene Doak-Gebauer has researched, written a progressive theory, is considered an expert in her subject, travels globally to share her expertise, and leads audiences toward digital child and family protection. She is a qualified secondary school educator, Computer Specialist and Network Administrator in Education, an author, a playwright, and a Registered Holistic Nutritionist.

She has been key note speaker for several conferences including Crime Stoppers, schools, teacher conferences, corporate conferences, international conferences and others; been featured on radio and television shows, presented in Canada (including Parliament Hill), the United States, Iceland, Europe, and India.

Her first book, “Digital Sexual Victims: True Cases”, was nominated for an international award by the Delta Kappa Gamma society of educators. Her Theory of Digital Supervision for online child protection is outlined in the book. She has written her second book, which includes Digital Supervision in greater depth. Included is a chapter of interviews with: a Psychotherapist who has treated Internet child exploitation victims; Police Officer who has been involved with child exploitation cases; a child pornography victim; and a Criminal Lawyer who has defended child predators. This book will be available for purchase soon.

As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Charlene speaks about nutrition as it can relate to overall physical and mental health. Included in her second book is a chapter about methods to overcome trauma holistically. She experienced severe trauma after viewing child pornography on a computer she was repairing. She knows from experience that her holistic approach can be effective.


The Bishop Townshend Award of Teaching Excellence; The International Women of Excellence Award, 2018.

Charlene is Founder and Chair of the Canadian Federal charity Internet Sense First, member of the International Internet Society, member of the Canada Peace Research Association, member of the BPW Canada, London Chapter; and Digital Ambassador for the Children’s Mental Health Organization.

In addition to attending four universities (University of New Brunswick, University of Western Ontario, University of Toronto and University of California (Santa Barbara), she has attended the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition


Sail above the "spill-over effect"

Too often, working parents worry about their children being on digital devices while they are at work.  This causes great anxiety and spill-over into the work place.  This type of workplace stress can cause reduction in productivity.  Through my Theory of Digital Supervision, parents can work, and supervise their children.  In this digital age, parenting has to become digitized. Traditional parenting no longer does the whole job!  Become a “digitized parent” – learn about Digital Supervision and how it can help protect your children and the entire family.

The Internet: Are Children In Charge?

Many parents, grandparents, religious leaders, professional allies – are having difficulty with children and youth  with their addictions and applications to digital devices.  Many children are producing and distributing nudes which becomes a criminal offence in most countries.  My Theory of Digital Supervision is key to supervising our children.  Once the gateway to the Internet is provided in the home, the responsibilities of parents increase exponentially.  A computer, iPad, cell phone, and other digital devices are causing profound challenges for supervision of children.  Parents, professionals, adult allies – learn from a computer specialist and network administrator in education.  This generation is the most independent generation in the history of the world – we need to catch up.

Morale in the Workplace - Need improvement?

Employers are constantly trying to determine what can be causing anxiety in their environment.  Employees losing sleep, employee conflict, inappropriate Internet access during work, and more.  Through Digital Supervision in the workplace and knowledge of conflicts in computer applications, employers can have a happier work environment and happier employees.  Knowledge is power.  Employers need to have “digitized employer-employee relations”.

Workplace Production Related To Nutrition

The old adage “you are what you eat” is so true.  Too often, workers lack the proper nutrition to be as productive as possible in the workplace.  This holds true for employers and supervisors.  The many additives in foods and poor food choices can cause fatigue, brain fog, anxiety, and more.  A holistic approach to management helps to assist employees and employers with their health thereby helping to increase production.  The chemical “aspartame” can cause issues with mood, concentration, and the like.  Employers having nutrition sessions with employees can help with overall health, morale, and production in the workplace.

Changing a Negative Into a Positive
Employees or members of any organization will learn from this dynamic, motivational, award-winning speaker who has proven that a negative in life, when turned into a positive, is life changing.  Learn about her unbelievable transformation.  This has helped people in many organizations, turn their negatives into positives.
Too often in life, we are facing career and personal challenges that inhibit our workplace production, our personal lives, and overall health.  
Charlene advocates changing a negative in your life into a positive and has practiced it throughout her life.  Her choice to apply her research and application of educated skills and experiences, has made a profound change in her life, her family, and thousands of people worldwide.
Your choice to hear her story will be a progressive change for you, your staff, and members of any organization.
Charlene Doak-Gebauer
We attended an internet Sense For Internet Safety presentation by Charlene Doak-Gebauer. We found the information invaluable and have applied Digital Supervision in our home, which we thought was impossible. Thank you for being there when we needed you!
Lesley, Educator, London, Ontario
I was absolutely thrilled with your presentation and it sounds like you had a very lasting impression on our students and faculty at the school. I am sure my teammates would agree that we would love it if you could come back to our school in future years! We will definitely be raving about the evening at our Home ad School and School Council meetings.
Victoria Wakem, Home & School President, London, Ontario
Charlene Doak-Gebauer came to our small community of Brighton ON and did an important series of presentations on Internet Safety.  Her Powerpoint presentation for adults was effective and informative.  She was able to explain some of the newer terminology to the older folks’ who didn’t understand. Her presentations for Grades 5 - 8 at three local public schools were suited to students of that age and were of great interest to them. They listened well and had good questions for her. Charlene was careful to describe some of the Internet dangers, e.g. of adults stalking or of children posting inappropriate photos, in terms suitable and acceptable for students in a public school setting. I would recommend Charlene Doak-Gebauer to school administrators and teachers, parents and caregivers who are concerned about Internet safety.
René Schmidt, Retired teacher and author