Daphne Shepherd

Daphne may very well be the happiest person you will ever meet! She is an international best-selling author, international speaker, AKA “Speaker Girl”, Entrepreneur, Enneagram Practitioner and Inner Wealth Creator. For 15 years Daphne has been studying the power of our thoughts, how they shape our experiences and ultimately the results we are having in life. For the last 8 years Daphne studied alongside world thought-leader Bob Proctor until his untimely passing in February. She has been married to the love of her life for 26 years. She rides a Harley. Is adopted. Loves animals and lives life seated in gratitude.


The POWER Behind Your Words
The touchstone of our relationships is communication.  There is momentous power BEHIND the words we use throughout the day in conversations with family, friends, community and business associates.  Words can inspire, influence, uplift and empower or can cause crippling harm to the recipient. There is a real power BEHIND our words and in 2001 there were 2 words that changed Daphne’s life!
Year of Yes!
It’s an Inside Job: You know how the older we get, that mischievous desire bubbles up every so often to just unleash and BE? Yet when we try, there’s a disconnect and an awkwardness? We question ourselves, our motivations and coming up with nothing we continue to watch others thrive as we sit on the sidelines of life. Sadly, we have forgotten how.  The “Year of Yes!” ~ It’s an Inside Job workshop reconnects you. No second guessing, no playing small here. This workshop is about your significance. It’s about “who you think you’re not”.  It’s about self-image and dispelling emotions associated with lack, limitation, fear, anxiety and doubt. It’s about divorcing those thoughts that hi-jack our right to joy. It’s about disruption. It’s about restoration and laying down new tracks. It’s about believing in yourself which ultimately will inspire confidence in others. It’s about making decisions about what you need to let go of. It’s about taking the emotional trash to the curb and leaving it there, done! It’s about putting an end to the struggle. Your “Year of Yes!” starts today and if you are serious about creating positive change whether financial, physical, relational or professional, then this workshop is your greatest opportunity! Listen, “IT’S NOT WHO YOU ARE THAT IS HOLDING YOU BACK, IT’S WHO YOU THINK YOU’RE NOT.”
Daphne is a commanding, dynamic, warm and inspirational speaker who connects at the deepest level with her audience.
M. James,
Daphne will deliver an educational session of exceptional quality that will leave any attendee inspired to make positive change for their business and in their lives.
A. Ciskey,
Daphne's delivery was uplifting. We were given tools to take forward to become more aware of our thoughts and how they can create positive results. Thank-you so much Daphne!
K. Coldwell,