Erin Mahoney

Erin is an international motivational speaker and author, empowerment expert and veteran. Erin is the founder & CEO of Girl Power Go, LLC. A company she created to help girls and women build confidence, courage and strength. Through this work she has empowered thousands of girls working with schools, Girl Scouts of American, YMCA’s and other organizations committed to mind and body health of our youth. Erin has extensive experience in various industries with a primary focus on self-worth, energy healing, leadership and communication. A natural-born healer, in her early adult years she served as a medic in the United States Air Force. Erin is an EFT International Accredited and Certified EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Tapping Practitioner. Her EFT journey began with her own practice and desire to explore holistic healing modalities. After years of self-work Erin’s deep desire to help others grew until ultimately, she pursued formal EFT practitioner training. Erin realized the power of EFT and was called to share it with the world! Erin studied Meditation and Stress Reduction at the Center of Mindfulness at UMASS Medical Center. She is a contributing writer for Aspire Magazine and has been featured as one of Boston’s Most Inspirational Stories. She serves on the Women Veterans Committee for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and is the host of Awaken the Warrior Woman Within Podcast. Erin inspires, motivates and guides her clients in a safe, gentle way. Her warm, authentic approach to both group and private one on one work creates space for others to explore, grow and heal.


3 Critical Concepts for a Happier Workplace

This presentation combines positive mindset, communication skills and leadership in a way that improves any work environment. Do you want to love your workplace? Do you want to learn how to interact with the most difficult personalities? Would you benefit from improving your own leadership and communication skills? If you answered yes to any of these questions this training is for you! Attendees will learn strategies that will improve leadership, communication skills and productivity. Tools that reduce stress and boost the ‘happiness’ factor are part of this training.

Handouts and recommended reading will be given.

This training is interactive, informative and fun!

Practicing Self-Care – It’s a Non-negotiable!

This workshop was created to empower individuals to love and care for themselves more! The foundation is built on love and kindness, self-compassion and proven strategies to move away from negative, destructive behaviors. In this workshop attendees will learn how to put themselves first and begin to develop deep self-love. Erin will share ways to make small shifts that over time turn into big positive change. This workshop will identify the most common things that people due to self-sabotage their happiness. Participants will learn how to put their needs, desires and dreams first without guilt or second guessing. Learn a new way to identify what is ‘on your plate’ and how to prioritize so that you enjoy more and stress less. This training takes people from where they are to where they want to be!

Strategies that can be put into action immediately will be provided.

Energy work in the form of guided meditation and/or EFT Tapping can be added to this workshop.

This training is interactive, informative and fun!

Experience Equal Power

We all have a past. We have all come so far. The question is, how do we use what we know from the past to charter our most powerful and brilliant future? We all have coping skills that we learn throughout our lives but are we using them to reach our highest potential? Experience equals power when we give ourselves permission to see the past with clarity and without judgment. When we take the most difficult situations and find the success from the lesson we expand and grow. Erin shares proven strategies for getting crystal clear about the future and letting go of what no longer serves you in a positive way.

Erin knows from experience how re-writing your story or viewing it from a different lens allows you to communicate, lead and grow to a higher level and with more confidence they ever. When you stand in the POWER of your story with vulnerability and authenticity you will discover that all things are possible for you!

She delivers a fun, interactive keynote speech that heightens awareness, acknowledges and honors both past and present moments and leaves audiences inspired and motivated. Erin’s reputation is built on her ability to explore and expand on difficult topics with personal experience storytelling, extreme honestly and authentic vulnerability. Her humor lightens any room. She provides concrete strategies that can be put into action immediately. Learn how her, and possibly your own, coping skills are your SUPERPOWER for success!

Erin C. Mahoney
I had the great fortune to participate in one of Erin Mahoney's workshops on releasing stress and changing your mindset. Erin's ability to frame her content in an accessible, fun manner made broaching this topic in a way that was immediately relatable. Her exercise in sharing EFT was imbued with equal parts impressive knowledge and humor, giving us a chance to embrace our own awkwardness before breaking through to her promised results. I can only imagine the lives she is changing in working with younger women given that she was able to exact a paradigm change in me!"
Brenda C,
I’ve had the privilege of hearing Erin speak in multiple places. She shares from the depth of her soul and brings you on a journey towards your own destiny. She’s passionate and funny; smart and intuitive. She is knowledgeable and talented in so many areas.
Jody C,
I have had the pleasure of knowing and learning from Erin Mahoney for over a year. Her positive spirit and genuine desire to be a force for good are infectious. When speaking she lifts everyone up with her energy and enthusiasm. Audiences respond her authenticity and her ability to relate deep topics to any age is truly a gift.
Kathryn R,
I am fortunate enough to have heard Erin Geddes Mahoney speak multiple times and if you are looking for motivation, positivity and impact then look no further. Erin’s authenticity as a speaker is refreshing. Her ability to intertwine personal stories, real life examples and manageable strategies allows her to connect quickly with her audience. Erin is dynamic, with a quick wit and the incredible skill to pivot in the moment. Empowering women is Erin's purpose, and this is easy to see when she stands on a stage and speaks. Erin’s deep desire to support women veterans is clearly apparent. Although I am not a veteran, Erin and I have spoken often about her deep passion in supporting this group. Her mission is heartfelt and true. In fact, I would go so far as to say that it is a non-negotiable in her life. A cornerstone of who she is. As women’s empowerment expert and a veteran, herself, Erin will stand with her audience as she creates a compassionate space to uplift those present while she passes on her wisdom.
Jen Karofsky, Ed.M., CHHC, CPCC,
Erin Mahoney is my hero. Having known Erin for many years, her energy and positivity are undeniable. Seeing her as a presenter for the first time really struck me. She was born to do this! Erin has a gift, and she wants to give it, share it and help you to be your best self. She shares her own victories, and some of the hard stuff too, making her relate-able. If she can share, we can too. Erin gets you to dig deep, find humor, an most importantly….love yourself. Don’t miss her!
Kelly K,