Francine Tone

What would it be like to have more freedom, more time, and more joy in your schedule, and only be working with the clients that you choose? Francine Tone has done exactly that. From strategies developed when faced with a life-altering crisis involving her only son, Fran has developed strategies designed to create enough freedom to spend up to 3 months each year surfing in Hawaii.  Now, she has made it her mission to share those strategies with as many busy professional, business, and executive leaders to transform businesses and lives. Her work is the subject of her upcoming book The Art of Action.

Francine Tone, a 3-time bestselling author, is the principal of Francine Tone & Associates LLC,  a California lawyer and author of the award-winning #1 bestselling book What Every Good Lawyer Wants You To Know.  In her book, she shares the counsel she has given her clients for 30 years to assure that her clients were prepared to face the legal system. Her childhood of having no one to trust became the impetus for the responsibility she undertook to care for her clients.

Francine has been a California lawyer since 1989 and is also an Appellate Law Specialist, certified by the California State Bar Board of Legal Specialization – one of only 235 among 166,000 lawyers in the state. She has also sat as a judge pro tem for over 20 years. She is a top certified ski instructor and trainer, a scuba divemaster, a podium-finishing standup paddleboard racer and surfs her standup paddleboard in Hawaii. Francine is married to her law partner and lives in the mountains near Lake Tahoe, California.


The Art of Action

Mastering Life Integration. Strategies for Work-Life Balance and Harmony that Work for Optimizing Life that also allow you to build stronger businesses and careers. No Trade Offs.

Prolonging Inspiration

Harness, Nurture and Grow an Inspirational Moment into Lasting Lifelong Motivation. Don’t let the inspiration from a moving keynote or exciting event fizzle away when you get back to real life. Learn how to harness the energy and make it grow.

3 C’s: Curiosity. Courage. Consistency

Leading with Purpose for Bigger Impact. Learn the hard science behind the people skills necessary to inspire a team to willingly and happily follow you and achieve the goals you want.

Francine Tone
Francine has spoken to our organization several times and each time she brings innovative ideas that engage our leadership. I have seen our leadership team develop higher emotional intelligence and become more inspired and productive after her talks.
Kristi Jereb-Prochazka, Executive Director, Professional Ski Instructors of America-West
We really enjoyed hosting you and your presentation was fantastic! You are not only a good speaker but you also shared very valuable information that all lawyers need.
Susan Damron, Esq, Director of Educational Programs, Oklahoma Bar Association
Thank you so much for spending time with us. Your presentation was so impactful ... and we learned ways we can make a difference in our daily lives and even change the world.
Lesli Brisson, President, Soroptimist International of Washoe County
Francine ... You have an instantaneous connection to your legal peers as you have all walked the same miles in the same shoes. The El Dorado County Bar Association has been holding monthly CLE's for at least 5 years. After your presentation, I smiled with pride when someone said something like this, 'Wow, you really snatched a good one!'.
Kathleen Bailey, Executive Director, El Dorado County Bar Association