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Hospitality Skills Training

Bali Wise empowers marginalized women through skills education as a means to develop sustainable communities in Indonesia.

Their six-month program provides a Basic Life Skills and a Vocational Training term; each are three months in duration.

The first term teaches the students basic hospitality skills, improves their English and educates them around topics such as women’s health, family planning and confidence building.

Having successfully completed the first term, the students are ready to enter the second phase of practical job training in partnering hotels, spa academies, restaurants, and travel and tourism agencies.

Upon completion, their graduates are ready to enter the job market as top-skilled employees who have the best chances to find safe and quality employment.  Their success rate is over 90% of graduates finding meaningful employment where they can create a sustainable income.

To date, Bali Wise has successfully educated 1551 young women who are empowered and educated to break the cycle of poverty, and have become role models for their communities.

With up to 7 million young women in need across Indonesia, their goal is to empower as many young women as possible to change the future for all women and girls!





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