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Emelence is one of our sponsored girls through our partner charity, Seven Wells.  The first time we visited her home was an eye-opener.  Her and her mother came out to greet us, and then invited us into their home.  My heart sunk as I stepped into their mud hut, not large enough for one or two people, let alone a single mother and her 8 children.  Mama Pascasie invited us to sit on a couple of old wooden benches she had borrowed from a neighbour and told us her story.  Her and her family struggled every day.  She did not earn money, but instead worked for someone in their fields and was paid in a few food stipends and vegetables, but not enough to feed her family.  This woman was skin and bones, and I could tell that she would feed what she could each day to her children; but it was never enough.  In the days following our visit, I talked with Seven Wells as to what type of business Mama Pascasie could thrive at to provide for her family.  We decided to set Mama Pascasie up with her own vegetable stand.  A little land, seeds, a market stall, and a goat for fertilizer would be all this Mama would need to create a sustainable income.  There are thousands of women just like Mama Pascasie.  With your help, we can empower so many more to be able to become self-sufficient, and to create happy and healthy lives for them and their children.

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