Become a Fearless Writer

Jacqueline Somerville Instructor: Jacquie Somerville

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to give yourself permission to be fearlessly YOU. To write what’s in your heart without worrying about what others think, if it’s publishable, salable, or good. Permission to just write! And in so doing, access your passion. Nothing is ever wrong when you write from the heart, fearlessly and passionately.

Introductory Price

$199 USD $899 USD

Become a Fearless Speaker

Mpumi Nobiva Instructor: Mpumi Nobiva

Do you ever dream of yourself sharing a message that is not only powerfully effective in its delivery form but also highly transformative for those who experience it? Embark on a transformative public speaking journey towards your boldest inner voice and most unapologetic Fearless Self with Mpumi Nobiva.

Introductory Price

$399USD $1299USD