Creating World Class Events with Massive Impact!

Sharla Brown Instructor: Sharla Brown

Live events are so much fun and can create massive impact and awareness for your business, organization, or charity.  Events can also be risky, time consuming, and challenging to make successful.  Join Event Guru, Sharla Brown as she shares the secrets to help you achieve epic success with planning, creating and executing your own events […]



Girl, Get Yo’ Money Straight

Teresa Carthron Instructor: Teresa Carthron

Are you ready to create a peaceful financial environment for not only for yourself, but for your family?  Would you love to increase your ability to manage your finances, get out of debt, and exit the workplace feeling secure in your retirement? Girl Get Yo‘ Money Straight is a course that will teach every woman how to stabilize their finances, save money for dreams and […]

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Woman Up with Kathy Hood

Kathy Hood Instructor: Kathy Hood

It’s time to Woman Up, discover your true identity, become a better version of yourself, unleash your gifts, and impact the world as you embrace and become a Bold and Fearless YOU! In this workshop, you will embark on a journey of life-changing discovery.  You will be introduced to your authentic self, your “motivational gifts,” and […]

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Girl, Watch Yo’ Mouth

Teresa Carthron Instructor: Teresa Carthron

Are you a woman looking to lose the fatigue, improve confidence in your health status and empower yourself to live your best life? “Watch Yo’ Mouth” is not just an old cliché term that firm parents used to say to their children. It is a modern mantra that is now embraced by the highly successful, in order to […]

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Make Money Speaking

Odette Peek Instructor: Odette Peek

Do you want to be a Speaker and Make Money but struggle with: Being comfortable even calling yourself a speaker? Clarifying your message? Making the jump from free speaker to paid speaker? Presenting an offer to an audience without feeling pushy or salesy? Knowing which personal story to share in your talk? It feels amazing […]

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How to Create, Market and Sell 5 Figure Coaching Programs With Integrity and Ease

Lira Kay Instructor: Lira Kay

Are you an expert with a huge heart, following your calling, changing peoples lives? Stand with me for creating autonomy, mastery and purpose in your life! You deserve financial freedom while doing your brilliant work in the world. Are you an expert with a huge heart, following your calling, changing peoples lives? Stand with me […]

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How to Identify Your Gifts and Talents in the Face of Adversity

Raushawna Price Instructor: Raushawna Price

Have you ever worked for a mean or controlling boss? Have you continually been overlooked for opportunities regardless of your talents and gifts? These circumstances leave us feeling small and asking the question, “Why Me?”. Together, we will explore and discover the answers as we move past the shame, hurt, and rejection and into a life […]

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Become a Fearless Writer

Jacqueline Somerville Instructor: Jacquie Somerville

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to give yourself permission to be fearlessly YOU. To write what’s in your heart without worrying about what others think, if it’s publishable, salable, or good. Permission to just write! And in so doing, access your passion. Nothing is ever wrong when you write from the heart, fearlessly and passionately.

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$450 $899

Become a Fearless Speaker

Mpumi Nobiva Instructor: Mpumi Nobiva

Do you ever dream of yourself sharing a message that is not only powerfully effective in its delivery form but also highly transformative for those who experience it? Embark on a transformative public speaking journey towards your boldest inner voice and most unapologetic Fearless Self with Mpumi Nobiva.

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$650 $1299