Inspirational Women

Jane Simington

My vision began to take root some years after the tragic death of my 13 year old son, Billy.

Crystal Robinson

Crystal Robinson

I’ve flown to many places all over the world. From several of the United States to Guam, to the Philippines, to Japan… even to Sweden.

Odette Peek

Odette Peek

“Ugh, I can’t get comfortable and I can’t sleep!” I yell out into the empty bedroom. Exasperated I flop back down on the bed trying to get comfortable.

Lena Le Huray

I never thought in a million years that I would be speaking in front of hundreds of women about how they could change their relationship with food.


Erika has always had a strong entrepreneurial spirit and has started a few successful business ventures over the years.

Deborah Shannon

Deborah Shannon… will never use a single-use plastic utensil again.

Line Roy


“I really like supporting things that help other women.” Line says.

Mickey Farrance


Women can become astronauts now, but there are still a few other things that still need attention…

Valarie Midgley


Entrepreneurship happened by complete “fluke” for Valarie Midgley.

Lisa Sandham

Lisa’s journey to entrepreneurship was never premeditated. It was an employer that saw her potential, something she failed to recognize in herself at that time